Top 10 AF New Years Eve ideas

1. Get out the board games

A game party is a great way to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home. Get a small group together to play games that offer up plenty of laughs. Charades is always the popular, free and easy choice but why not try these great games:

  • What Do You Meme
  • Awkward Family Photos®
  • Greatest Hits
    Unsolved Case Files®
  • Escape Room: The Game

2. Come dine with me

Create a little competition this New Year’s Eve with a big end of year cook-off.

Include your closest friends and family, select a cooking category, and let the food wars begin. BBQ, chilli, spaghetti, burgers, pizza—the possibilities are endless!

Include a prize for the tastiest dish, and name a champion

3. Host a themed party

Why not create a tropical paradise with an indoor luau. Include luau drinks like alcohol-free Mai Tai, blue Hawaiian punch, or other non-alcoholic tropical drinks. Include some Hawaiian roast pork, shrimp, or grilled fish for an entrée. Complete your spread with pineapple upside-down cake for dessert. Grass skirts, leis, and other Hawaiian-themed decorations will round out the tropical party atmosphere. Take a vote on themes and pick the winning category and ask guests to bring their favourite mocktail and celebrate New Year’s Eve sober. For additional fun, make it a contest by having everyone vote for their favourite drink or outfit.

4. Get a bit fancy (it is NYE after all)

Go all-in formal and throw a fancy, festive ball. To make it a little challenging and extra amusing, ask participants to shop at thrift stores for their evening wear. Turn up the tunes and mix it up with a copycat dance game where participants recreate dance moves from old music videos or times in history. Play an old black & white movie on screen to add cool and classic vibes.

5. Keep it comfy

Why not keep this New Year’s Eve low-key? Host a pyjama party! For added thrill, turn it into a pillow fight party. If you’re not looking to entertain guests, consider staying in and bringing the movie theatre to your living room. Watch some of your favourite holiday-themed movies and perhaps go the extra step and invest in a projector for that big-screen feel Don’t forget the popcorn and pick’n’mix!

6. Carry on camping

Spend New Year’s Eve camping indoors. Put up a small tent, get out the sleeping bags, light up the fireplace, and roast marshmallows. Don’t have a fireplace? Use the oven for nicely toasted marshmallows. If you live in a warmer-weather climate, get the outdoor firepit going, and pair the experience with a luxury hot chocolate. Listen to the crackle of the fire, and take turns sharing favourite stories from the past year or what you’re thankful for.

7. Have a girls night in

An in-home spa party is a great way to bring in the new year. Check your area for a local mobile spa, or create your own using homemade beauty treatments. Then after your spa treatments, why not get dolled up and turn the living room into a dance floor or get creative with crafts like candle-making or creating bath bombs.

8. Have a boys night in

For a men’s night, slow cook some mouth-watering grilled meats. Serve them up buffet-style and play card games like euchre, rummy, or penny poker. Host a retro video-game tournament or take a vote on which best old-school movie you’ll watch.

9. See a good show

Go to a concert, attend an open mic night or visit a local music venue. A comedy show or theatre performance is always good for the soul. If you aren’t sure what’s happening in your area, check out event pages like Eventbrite for offers and listings near you.

10. Give back

Attend a local charity celebration or fundraiser. Mark your New Year’s Eve by giving back to a good cause – what better way to close off the year and see in 2024 with a focus on doing good for others.

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