The very first thing we did when creating Clean Break (well maybe the second thing, after registering the business at companies house!) was to make a promise to always

‘do what feels right & make others feel great’

To help us live up to our promise, our founder Rich created our vision, purpose & values, and these have gone on to form the basis for every decision we’ve made since.

Beer can in water


Taking a Clean Break from alcohol has been the single best decision that Rich has ever made for his physical and mental fitness. He describes it as a ‘superpower’ and says it’s given him a renewed level of energy and self-belief to take on any challenge, for example – creating Clean Break from scratch and in doing so building a new career for himself, or running three ultra marathons in the first half of 2023!


Having stopped drinking alcohol at the end of 2021 and walked away from a successful 20+ year career in the alcohol sales industry, Rich found himself somewhat lacking in purpose. But following a passing comment from one of his friends about him not being able to stop drinking alcohol as everyone he knew drank, Rich felt there was something fundamentally wrong with that belief, and from this point a new purpose was born……

And having experienced the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle first-hand, plus recognising the positive progress that he’d made in his own life, that purpose grew further….


Drinking alcohol-free beer


We believe in the power of talking and sharing how we feel with others, and where some would see showing this level of vulnerability as a weakness, we see it as a sign of strength and resilience. Openness & honesty is a foundation to good communication. And good communication is essential to building long lasting and strong relationships.

Beer can in countryside.


We only get one go at this wonderful thing called life, and before you know it, it’s gone. And it can become very familiar, very quickly, but by seeking opportunity & adventure at every turn and embracing a growth mindset, we believe everyone can live a purposeful & fulfilled life.

Sitting at the table with a beer


We are all perfectly imperfect. But also capable of doing amazing things. Let’s encourage and help each other to follow our dreams. Apparently, Albert Einstein once said ‘The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe’……..choose your universe. Ours is overwhelmingly friendly.

Positive Progress Plan

From day 1, Rich knew he had an opportunity to not just build something incredible for himself, but to also help others along the way. And so, the Positive Progress Plan was born with the sole intention of helping others to make positive progress in their own lives.

The idea started life as a commitment to donate a percentage of profits to charity, until Rich realised that there was no guarantee that the business would make any profit, and of course 10% of nothing is……. well, nothing!

But for a consumer to know that a guaranteed amount of money from every purchase that they make would go to charitable causes……. now that really would fulfil the promise to always do what feels right.

We’ve committed to donating 10p from every unit sold (can or pint) to support the work of our chosen charity partners.

Positive Progress Plan

Clean Break Brewing are extremely pleased to support the below charities or causes, and donates 10p from every unit sold, net of certain expenses, to the excellent work carried out by them. To learn more about the fantastic work that they do, please visit their website using the links provided:

The Running Charity

The Running Charity uses an active-wellbeing programme to improve the resilience, physical fitness and mental wellbeing, of vulnerable and homeless young people. 

The Running Charity, a charitable incorporated organisation, is a registered charity in the UK (number: 1157501). Further details can be found at

The Burnt Chef Project is a globally recognised not-for-profit Social Enterprise fully committed to making the hospitality profession healthier and more sustainable by focussing on people’s wellbeing first.

They provide a wide range of tools, services and education to help challenge the stigma of mental health whilst beginning to create a culture of care and compassion. Together we will pave the way to a healthier, happier and more sustainable hospitality industry.

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