Top 10 Winter Running Tips from Rich

Tip 1: Layer Up

Embrace the chill by dressing in layers. Opt for moisture-wicking base layers, insulating mid-layers, and a windproof outer shell to stay warm and dry during your December runs.


Tip 2: Be reflective

With shorter days, visibility is crucial. Invest in reflective clothing or lighting accessories to make sure you’re seen by others, especially if you’re running in the early morning or evening.


Tip 3: Mind Your Footing

Be cautious of icy patches or slippery surfaces. Consider wearing shoes with good traction or even traction devices that slip over your running shoes to prevent slips and falls.


Tip 4: Adjust your pace

Cold air can affect your breathing, so be mindful of your pace. Start slower than usual to allow your body to adjust and warm up gradually.


Tip 5: Warm-Up Thoroughly

Your muscles may take longer to warm up in the cold. Spend a few extra minutes doing dynamic stretches to prepare your body for the run and reduce the risk of injury.


Tip 6: Plan for Wind

Wind chill can make the temperature feel colder than it actually is. Plan your route to run into the wind during the first half of your run, so you have it at your back as you cool down.


Tip 7: Embrace the Elements

Running in December can be a unique and beautiful experience. Embrace the winter scenery, whether it’s frost-covered trees or snowflakes falling around you.


Tip 8: Stay Consistent

 Establish a consistent running routine. The Christmas holidays can be busy, but making time for your runs will help you maintain fitness and manage stress during this hectic season.


Tip 9: Post-Run Recovery

Finish strong with proper recovery. Stretch, rehydrate, and enjoy a warm post-run treat. Taking care of yourself after a December run is key to staying motivated and injury-free throughout the winter.


Tip 10: Run towards a Reward

Reading the above 9 tips can easily be off-putting. Motivating yourself to get out there and run when it’s dark, cold, wet and windy can be hard. So try setting a reward of a certain drink (Clean Break) or meal or relaxing experience (a nice hot bath perhaps?) as a nice reward for completing your run or hitting your target. 

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